We have had the great fortune to be part of Teremok's community the last three years. The after school program is the best in the North Shore! The teachers are absolutely amazing. Not only are they extremely loving, thoughtful, and caring, they are true educators! They have an amazing program - from music, art, language, reading, theater, math, chess. Furthermore, they are eager to design programs around your family's needs, whether it be a specific hobby that your child is interested, or another language! They truly love every child and they nurture them to their full potential. Thank you Teremok!!
Our daughter loves going to Teremok! She loves her teachers and is excited to see them every time. We appreciate that it’s structured and very creative. They have separate lessons with a professional music teacher that plays and teaches them to play different instruments, dancing and singing. Our daughter is learning everything from letters, colors, shapes, numbers, painting, coloring, making artwork, etc. The staff is professional and friendly!
Natalia Shmerkovich
Our family has a very positive experience with Teremok daycare. Our daughter Aleksandra started to go to the Teremok when she just turned one year old. She enjoys the musical activity a lot and loves arts and crafts with the Teremok teachers. We would like to thank all the staff members of the daycare and the owner, Natalia Gavrilova.
Altonian family
We have the great privilege of sending both our daughters to Teremok's early childhood program. It is the best daycare in the North Shore! The teachers are just extraordinary - patient, kind, loving, and caring. They have a well thought out program and routine every day. Each teacher is focused on helping our child reach their developmental milestones, and they are also eager to help them grow and cultivate. They have educators who are also specialized in music, art, English, etc. and the kids come home everyday eager to share what they have learned. During rest time they always play classical music to help boost their concentration and social skills. What is also amazing, besides all the reading, music, art, outdoor activities, and dance, they also provide healthy meals to our children. They teach the children appropriate etiquette and how to express their feelings and needs. Truly an amazing daycare!
Frima Bourtman
Our kids have both attended Teremok from ages of 2 through 5 and Wonderkinds after-school program since starting elementary school. Since we are a bilingual family, it was important for us to have the girls speak and write in Russian, which they are both able to do fluently thanks to the teachers at Teremok/Wonderkinds. This day care center has a wonderful, structured curriculum. They are helping our children to develop both in language and math, as well as in creative arts and theater. Our girls really love their cooking, dance, music, and theater classes and are far ahead of their peers at elementary school in language and math development. We are truly thankful to have such a great day care and after-school center in our neighborhood.
Justin and Rita DiVall
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